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  • Are You Smarter than a Seafarer?

    The shipping industry needs the best and the brightest at the helm International Day of the Seafarer June 25 of every year is designated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as the International Day of the Seafarer. BW takes this opportunity to acknowledge the good work of the over 4,000 seafarers who call BW their second home, and thank them for playing a pivotal role in delivering ​energy to world markets.
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  • Chairman's Message: Energy Delivered

    People sometimes ask me what the purpose of our organisation is. We define it as follows: “To apply our maritime expertise to find solutions to the world’s energy challenges”. Energy is of course the backbone of the modern economy and underpins most things. In the hierarchy of needs, energy sits at the very foundation of the pyramid: food, shelter, warmth are all converted forms of energy. Even the more contemporary utilities like air-conditioning and internet access depend on the steady supply of fuel and electricity.
  • Chairman's Message: Bridging Visions

    One of our guiding principles is “Always trying to do better”. This idea of being ready to change and improve connects back to our founder Y.K. Pao, who built the world’s largest shipping fleet from scratch, downsized during the shipping crisis of the early 1980s, and diversified into new business areas before rebuilding the fleet again in the late 1980s. One of the major Korean shipyards summarises the same concept succinctly: “No change, no future”.